Reviews: Microadventures: Local Discoveries for Great Escapes

“To be honest, I was mostly disappointed. This book is mostly a variation on going camping. And then things you can do when you're camping. Camping near home, after work, before work, far from work. Swimming during a camp. Walking during a camp. Cycling to the camp. I would say i'm quite an adventurous type, but personally I hate camping.”
If you hate camping, don't buy my Microadventures book!

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I have a soft spot for anyone who has cycled more miles than they have Instagram followers. ⠀
Mum, Dad and 8 year old Kate cycled 16,500 miles down the Americas. Available to buy online now. (You may remember their story as I interviewed them on my blog and they featured in my Grand Adventures book.)
Link -

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Fab prizes for the summer microadventure challenge: beer! Info:⠀
A 12 week BeerBods subscription and a couple of boxes of cans of beer.

River Swim Journey

A small River Swim Journey I made 6 years ago. I'd forgotten about this film I made:

The Best Campsite In The World -

The Best Campsite In The World - here is why I do not geotag, nor mention places names:

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Splash! How to instantly fix the stress, tiredness and sweat of a long day's filming! Jump into a river...

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#Repost @briannamadia
"Why don't you geotag?"
It's a question I get a lot (along with, of course, "where is this")
Even though I could talk for hours about how excruciatingly aware I am of the impact social media has on wild spaces, and the litany of reasons why I don't participate in that aspect of it... I will abbreviate it to this:
Do some research. Go buy a guidebook. Learn how to read topo maps. Chat with that crusty old local at the gas station. Set the mileage on your odometer. Go turn down a couple dozen wrong dirt roads in the dark of night. Argue with your significant other over a map or some directions texted to you from an old friend. Trudge a couple 12 or 13 mile approaches in the dead of a desert day. Take an exit because it looks like it goes somewhere interesting. Turn down damn near every dirt road you see until you find that perfect hammock spot or that secluded river bank or that breathtaking overlook.
There are still wild places.
There are still places that aren't advertised on TV commercials or on gigantic "Thank You For Visiting" billboards. There are still places without hoards of people and paved roads and gift shops and visitor centers and shuttle buses and marked trails.
There are quiet, sacred places where the act of exploration is still a requirement...places that were never supposed to be "easy" to find.
With all due respect...I intend to keep them that way.

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Reasons to join the summer microadventure challenge:⠀
Swim in a river.⠀

Photos from Alastair Humphreys's post

The downside of the heatwave cajoling so many new people into the outdoors: litter. Collected this whole bag along an evening river swim spot. Baffles me why people go into nature because of its beauty and then choose to leave litter...

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Bad photo, special swim. One of the best sea swims I've ever had in Britain. The sea oil calm, a luscious milky blue. The cliffs so white, the sky a hazy, hot milky blue too. So smooth, so warm, and I was the only one out there, just looking round and round thinking what a lucky man I was to be enjoying the summer solstice in this way. When the sun shines there is no place on Earth I'd rather be than England.

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River reflections. 6th swim of the day, and my favourite.

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High summer and the river meanders slowly through the lowlands. Perfect weather for (sort of) swimming to the sea.

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Weather warm, water warm. #swimming #wildswim

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Dodged through the rush hour crowds and fumes and stress, and in to the day's second swim.

Photos from Alastair Humphreys's post

Let's get this solstice started! Swimming, sort of, from London to the sea today.

5 Things I Wish I Had Done - Alastair Humphreys

5 Things I Wish I Had Done -

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#Repost @mountain_lines
Adventure stories! 😁 Love reading books (autobiographies) on adventurers. Some of my favorite have been @beargrylls #ranulph__fiennes @al_humphreys - anyone have any good book recommendations!? #check4268

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Hot weather book writing solutions: drag the editing armchair out of the shed.

First time gliding! This was a memorable experience, from pre-flight expectation to the exhilaration of doing a loop the loop.
Thanks to winemakers Brancott Estate UK for making this happen and proving first times are the best times! #BrancottFirsts #ad

Advice on Lighting Fires - Alastair Humphreys

Advice on Lighting Fires in the outdoors:

It's the longest day of the year this week! Time for the summer solstice microadventure challenge:

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Frankfurt airport departures lounge has a big yoga room. Great use of airport dead time! Imagine how useful and popular a full gym, weights room, showers could be? How about it, #Heathrow?

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"Sailing on a wine-coloured sea to peoples speaking other tongues." Homer engraved atop this Frankfurt bridge.

River Swim

Conversation with myself:
"It's hot! I wish I could go for a swim."
"But you're in a big city and have to give a talk soon."
"So what...?"

Ultralight Cycle Touring & Ultralight Bike Touring

Ultralight Cycle Touring - the kit you need (and don't need):

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Reasons to join the summer microadventure challenge:⠀
Escape the city from 5 to 9.⠀

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#Repost @itsgreatoutthere (a lovely new Instagram channel, and a vitally worthwhile cause.)
Adventure is doing something new and out of the ordinary. To some this can be a simple change in habit, to others it might be rock climbing at night... What's your adventure?

Photo: @adventureawardsdays / Richard Felderer


All you need to know about the microadventure solstice challenge. Plus... why I am holding an egg...

‪Join me on Facebook Live, 10am UK time (20 mins away) to ask anything about the summer Microadventure challenge...‬

rockcreek's galleries on Flickr

If, like me, you loved the book Waterlog, you'll like these photo galleries of all the swim places mentioned:

What is the Best Expedition Sleeping Bag? | Expedition Sleeping Bags

What is the Best Expedition Sleeping Bag?

Fire and Foraging Microadventure

A “fire and foraging” microadventure:

Pathwatch - report a feature or problem - Ramblers

If you regularly run or hike on Britain's 150000 miles of footpath download the Pathwatch app and help protect them:

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Forest run, wanderweg, lake air, Bodensee, fresh swim, mountain views, barbecue smoke, appetite fired: the perfect run? 🇩🇪 🏊 🏃🏼 🍺👍🏻

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A word-lover's guide to the landscape. I adore this book, and it is teaching me a lot about the land I live in.

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Reasons to join the summer microadventure challenge:⠀
Waking to a sea view.⠀
Join in today!

A Family Bike Ride - 2 Years down the Americas - Alastair Humphreys

Last year I interviewed a fab family about their 2 year bike ride down the Americas (
When Kate was eight years old, the Tomlinson Family left their home in Scotland and flew to Inuvik in Arctic Canada. Their somewhat vague plan was to cycle southwards for two years or until the money ran out.
I'm delighted that they have now written their own book. You can get hold of a copy here:

The Winners of the 2017 Next Challenge Grant

“The Winners of the 2017 Next Challenge Grant." Read the stories below and be inspired. I love this adventure grant:

Winners of the Red Bull Illume Photo Contest 2016

The absolutely stunning Winners of the Red Bull Illume Photo Contest

My Favourite Wild Places in Britain - Alastair Humphreys

My Favourite Wild Places in Britain - What have I missed?!

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Fab prizes for the summer microadventure challenge! Info: ⠀ The chance to join Trail magazine on a photoshoot in the hills: a free trip to the hills, lots of fun, and your microadventure featured in Trail. Also some subscriptions to Trail magazine.

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Seth's Blog: Choosing your spot

“there's one place where you can make your mark: Your attitude.”

River Access for All

Only 2% of all rivers in England and Wales have public access rights: That is madness!

Like many outdoor enthusiasts I accumulate more gear than I actually need. Any good suggestions, please, of ways I could find homes / make good use of my spare kit?
(I don't just want to give it all to the Scouts as quite a bit of it is stuff for more intense climates than Britain and that seems to be a bit of a waste of its potential, for example...)

My Father’s Suitcase

"The writer's secret is not inspiration – for it is never clear where it comes from – it is his stubbornness, his patience. That lovely Turkish saying – to dig a well with a needle – seems to me to have been said with writers in mind."

My Father’s Suitcase

"Literature's eternal rule: he must have the artistry to tell his own stories as if they were other people's stories, and to tell other people's stories as if they were his own, for this is what literature is."

First experiences invoke all sorts of emotions – looking forward to
sharing the first experience I took on with Brancott Estate UK,
producers of the first ever Marlborough Sauvignon
Blanc.#BrancottFirsts #ad

"The Man Who Planted Trees". Can I urge you to read this? It will be the most inspiring read of today:

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All you need to know to plan your first microadventure, in a handy PDF with lots of clickable links:

Totally Tranquilc